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A Guide to Live Betting

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Live betting is now an established way to bet on the majority of sports. In the history of commercial gambling it remains relatively new but it was devised and developed for the digital age and is now one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry.
But how do you bet live and which sports is live betting most suited to?

The Basics

A live bet can be placed at any time after the sporting event in question starts and before it finishes. So, in football, this would apply after the first half kicks off and before the final whistle sounds. Live betting is popular for a number of reasons: Firstly, it’s an exciting alternative to the pre-match betting and, if you’re watching a game, either in the crowd, on TV or via live streaming from Unibet, you can use your analytical skills to assess the activity and decide how things will develop. And, it is often possible to find better odds for a live bet than you would in the pre-match betting.


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When you’re looking at a new way of betting on sports, live betting will give you plenty of choices. That’s why there are plenty of betting markets open on in play, and some of these are unique for this style of betting.

For instance, you could bet on the next goal scorer in a football match with live betting but you cannot do this with Future Betting. Similarly, the player to win the next set in a tennis match is specific to the in play markets. There are further instances of unique live bets but the main point is that players have at least as much choice with a set of in play markets as they do pre-match as far as most sports are concerned.

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Pricing and procedure

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The way that you make a bet with live sports betting is identical to pre-match. So, when you log in to your Unibet account you will see the link to the live section and that will show you all the available sporting events that are taking place at that time.


Click on the event that you are interested in and the choice of markets comes up. If you are happy with the price shown then just click, select your stake and confirm your bet slip in the normal way. You will, however, need to be quick as those prices can fluctuate in a very short space of time so make sure you have a good internet connection and if you are betting on mobile, good equipment and a strong signal is essential.


Prices can be higher for sports live betting depending on the circumstances. Games can ebb and flow and if your selected football team goes a goal down early, their win price in the live markets will increase to a higher level than the pre-match option


The same principle applies to golf, tennis and any other sport so, for fast action, great odds and the ability to test your sporting analysis, live betting at Unibet is the way to go.