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Unibet, the home to live betting where you can find a wide selection of in-play betting options. If you haven’t tried Live betting before then you might be in for a surprise. Live Betting can be a lot of fun and an entertaining alternative to the traditional, pre-match options.


The concept

A live bet can be placed at any time after a sporting event starts until it comes to an end. Live betting on golf will, therefore, begin when the first tee shot is struck and it will conclude when the last putt is sunk on the final green.
Similarly, live football bets can be placed with Unibet as soon as the first half gets underway and you can keep betting right up until the final whistle.


Why go in play?

Unibet Live

More information

Many players like to bet exclusively in-play while others like a mix of both live and pre-match betting. There are a number of reasons for that and firstly, it is certainly possible to get longer odds at times in the live betting markets. Let’s say you want to quickly check the Unibet WC Betting Odds in case they’ve changed after kick off. All you have to do is go online.
Or let’s say you want to bet on a football team to win a game but you know that they have a tendency to start slowly. In the pre-match betting they may be at 2/1 before a ball is kicked, but if they go a goal down, you may still consider them to be the best win option but their price may have lifted to 4/1.
Not only is price a factor, players at Unibet like the fast action of in-play as they try to get the best odds and it’s a good test of a sporting analyst too. As the action develops, it’s your job to predict the outcome and you need real skill to do this in-play as form is instant.
So, for great odds in a wide set of live betting markets, Unibet is the place to bet.